Speaker Repairs

Wall of Sound Professional Audio has many years of experience in Speaker repairs to most brands of speakers. Unlike some other speaker repairers currently operating, we use original manufacturer recone and diaphragm kits whenever possible (unless you specifically request 3rd party parts).

We believe that this is the best way to maintain the highest quality and performance - sure it costs a little more, but that's why you bought those quality speakers in the first place, right?

Hi-Fi Speaker repair

A high quality
Norwegian HiFi
Speaker made
by SEAS with perished surround
Perished surround removed and just about to cut out the old dust cap
Dust cap off, shims in place in magnet gap and new surround being glued in place
Shims removed and new dust cap in place. Ready to go back in its cabinet

Professional Audio Speaker repair

A JBL 2226H
with a cooked voice coil
New cone & voice coil in place
The finished product ready for run-in